We provide psychological services to couples and individuals to identify the level of psychological impairment and treatment options. Either you have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident  and require psychological intervention, have suffered a disability and require detailed psychological assessment, have suffered a trauma at work place, have had a  slip and fall accident and suffered psychological trauma, we can assess your psychological condition and provide a detailed report with recommendations.

We specialize in providing psychological services to individuals, couples, families, adolescent and children of all ages suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, mental disabilities, marriage issues, ADHD, just to name few. Our psychologists and psychotherapists are trained to provide variety of treatment modalities depending on the nature and condition of the individual. Our therapists are trained to help overcome fears, anxieties, OCD symptoms and depression through many modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness therapy, bio-feed backs, and dialectical behavior therapy.